About Me

Self Portrait.  Louise E Hubbard

My own self Portrait with a little bit of editing to smooth out those age wrinkles.

When I started to think about what to put on this "about me" page I asked my mother if she had any photographs of me at an early age with a camera.  So this is what she came up with.....


Here I was probably about two years old.  The image was originally in slide format.  Taken before the days of automatic point and click cameras.  I recently found out from my parents that they never changed the settings on their camera because apparently f11 with a shutter speed of 1/100 sec always worked...This would go a long way to explaining why most of our family snaps were either over or under exposed.  Seems they got lucky with this one.  f11 and 1/100 sec was almost a spot on exposure on that day.....lol.

Firstly I would like to make it absolutely clear I did not take this photograph.......  Looking at those baggy trousers it was probably taken around 1983 when I was 16.  Yes I am the blurry figure  on the left with the funny hair.   It was probably taken by my mum with an automatic point and shoot.  All I can say is that she almost followed the rule of thirds.  It's a lovely photograph of a wall, drain pipe and ladder nicely placed to the right.  My mother is gifted at many things but unfortunately photography composition is not one of them.

Bad Photograph
My First Attempts at Photography
Old Photographs of Cats

The above two photographs were taken by me with my first camera which I got for my 9th birthday.  I can't recall the make but I do remember it was a point and click automatic.  The shutter release button was a lever on the front of the body and it took cartridge film.

Image to the left if you look closely enough you can see my old cat Sooty.  To be kind to him he was a bit of a "Street Cat" and you wouldn't really want to get any closer to him.  

Image to the right is Fred the stray who adopted my Gran as his owner.

My Photography may not have been the best at the time but I did capture some very happy memories of my childhood.

Although I loved my photography I didn't have much in the way of inspirational role models to influence me into taking it up as a career.  The thought of processing film in a dark room just seemed far too complex and scary to even think about attempting.  Instead I ended up going into the complex and scary world of IT.


Realising The Dream

Just over 10 years ago I decided to take up photography as a hobby.  This decision was instigated by a bad experience with a so called professional photographer I hired to do a portrait glamour shoot.  I wanted a nice set of photographs to celebrate turning 40.  I paid a lot of money for a set of photographs which were truly awful (nothing to do with the subject matter).  It did lead me to believe that anyone can be a photographer.  All you need is a decent camera.....Right???

I could not have been so wrong.  I bought my first DSLR, and set off to Rochester to take what I thought would be some fantastic photographs of the castle.  To say the results were disappointing would be somewhat of an understatement.  I was expecting magazine quality images and all I got was a dull looking castle with a white sky.  No better quality than what I had previously achieved with one of those throwaway disposable cameras.

That was lesson number one.  Yes anyone can be a photographer but to be a good one requires bit more skill than just owning an expensive camera.

So I took a Canon EOS training course, read load of tutorials and started on my photographic journey.

Attending photographic workshops helped me to understand the key elements of photography.  Composition, lighting and depth of field, whilst having fun at the same time.  I soon found myself networking with other photographers; many of whom have inspired and helped me to elevate my own photography to a standard I never thought would be achievable.

And now.....

I love to pass on my knowledge and help others who share my passion for taking a picture.  In 2019 I created my photography company, Louise E Hubbard Photography, running workshops and 1 to 1 tuition sessions to help others achieve their creative ambitions

Portrait Photography with Ellie Fox

Above is a fine example of one of my latest images.  Taken on a studio shoot with flash lighting with some post production editing to add a colour tint and background texture.

Someone recently said to me my images sell me more than I do.  So if you have made it this far in my blog, please take a look at my gallery portfolio by clicking on the link below.

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