Home Studio Portrait Photography Workshop

Sunday 11th October 14:00 - 17:00 pm

Location - 94 Jersey Road, Strood.

What you will learn

1. How to set up and use both studio lights and Speed Lite flash guns in a home environment.

2. What camera settings to use for studio photography. 

3. How to work with your model to get some creative compositions.

4. How to create both High Key and Low Key lighting effects with different backdrops.

5. How to choose the perfect indoor background.

6. How to avoid silhouettes in window shots and unwanted shadows.

This Workshop is ideal for photographers who are confident in using their camera in manual mode and want to learn more about indoor portrait photography.  

Workshop classes will be kept to a maximum of 5 participants.  To get the best use of the Workshop you should already be confident at using your camera in manual mode.  I would suggest either booking a 1 to 1 session or one of the beginners workshops prior to this workshop if you are not confident with this mode.

Please be aware that this workshop will take place in the living room of my own home which will be converted into a studio for the day.  

Cost is £50 for the 3 hour session, this includes the fee for a model. Payment is required in advance to secure the booking.

My refund policy has currently been relaxed due to the Corona Virus outbreak.  If you feel unwell or have to self isolate prior or on the day, I will either re-book you for another date or give you a full refund.

For more details and to book your place

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