Evening/Sunset Landscape Photography Workshop

Wednesday 5th August 19:00 - 21:00 pm

Location - Motney Hill, Rainham

Places are limited so book your place today

What you will learn

1. How to get off the automatic mode on your camera and onto manual and priority modes.

2. How ISO, Aperture and shutter speed can affect your exposure. 

3. How to get creative with composition and depth of field with Landscape photography.

4. How to use filters to enhance the Sunset Colours.

5. How to use multiple exposures to avoid Sun high light blow out whilst maintaining details in your shadows

This Workshop is ideal for photographers who are beginners, and want to start to improve their photography by using the manual and priority modes on their cameras. It is also ideal for photographers who want a better understanding on how to get more creative with their cameras.

Workshop classes will be kept to a maximum of 5 participants.  To get the best use of the Workshop you should know how to change the basic settings on your camera.  This includes, ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.  You don't need to know in advance what to set them to in order to get an accurate exposure.  I would suggest booking a 1 to 1 prior to this workshop if you are not sure how to change these.  All camera menu's vary and it can take me a while to work out how these settings are selected on different models.

This Workshop will run regardless of weather conditions.  There is no guarantee of a fantastic sunset, but we will go through the principles even if it's wet and cloudy. Sometimes bad weather can make a better photograph.  The above image was taken on a cloudy evening.

Cost is £25 for the 2 hour session which is payable in advance to secure booking

My refund policy has currently been relaxed due to the Corona Virus outbreak.  If you feel unwell or have to self isolate prior or on the day, I will either re-book you for another date or give you a full refund.

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