Photo Shoot at Poppadom

Dishes from menu at Poppadom

A few weeks ago I was asked to do a photoshoot at Poppadom in Chatham. As the name suggests it is an Indian cuisine restaurant, located at Chatham Dockside.

Challenge was to photograph both the restaurant and some of their food dishes.

The Restaurant Floor at Poppadom

The restaurant is very spacious with some fantastic colour ornate decoration. The biggest challenge here was the extremes of light in the room. The front of the restaurant happens to have a very large window letting in a lot of bright light. The back of the restaurant is much darker. Absolutely fine for eating but very much a photographic challenge. I compensated by using multi exposure bracketing and merging the three images together in Lightroom. I then used Viveza in DXO Nik Collection to help further control the lighter and darker areas.

The above image was also composed from a slightly elevated height on a step ladder looking down into the room.

The Bar Area

As seen from this image above I managed to keep the light at the back of the restaurant bright without blowing out the detail too much in the window.

Food Dishes at Poppadom

Above is a selection of dishes from their menu. Very hard to resist a nibble when you are on a lunch time shoot. This was taken using natural light only in order to prevent any flash glare from reflective surfaces. Again I took this standing on a step ladder so I was in a slightly elevated position with a wide angle lens.

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