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Things around the home. Tomatoes and Pasta

It's very hard with all that is currently going on in he world to keep yourself positive and motivated.

As I write this blog we are just beginning a two month countrywide lockdown. I look out of the window on a wet damp miserable day which pretty much sums up the mood of the nation.

It's at times like these that I turn to photography to lift my spirits. What can I do to keep my mojo running? It's the beginning of the year so an ideal time to start a home based photography project.

This could be a short project to simply practice your photography skills. You can photograph everyday objects around your home from ornaments and jewellery to kitchen utensils. The shot of tomatoes above was taken during the first lockdown where I was practicing some low key photography. It now sits as a framed print on my kitchen wall.

Wine and Grapes

This image of a wine bottle, glass and grapes was taken with a new Lightbox I have been experimenting with using the LED lights rather than flash or natural light. I also added some texture in photoshop to the background.

Playing around with layers in photoshop can amuse me for hours.

How about capturing a day through your window?

Shooting from a window

As I write my camera is mounted on a tripod looking out of my sons bedroom window. I have been taking one shot an hour from dawn to dusk over a period of three days. The idea when complete is to have a record of how the light and weather at different times of the day impacts the view. A time lapse video will be a great way of showing how each still image changes.

52 week Garden Record

This led to project idea number 2. Seeing as it is the beginning of the year. I have decided to take a snapshot on my iPhone of my garden once a week throughout 2021 in order to create a record of how it changes throughout the year. The composition of the repeated image was determined yesterday as it was wet I stood by the back door.

Which brings me onto project idea number three. To record the same shot each week in my local park. Picking the same day & time each week will help to capture a wide range of weather conditions. I have embarked upon something similar in the past to capture all the seasons over the last couple of years. So far I have failed to capture Spring so hopefully by turning this into a 52 week project I should get it completed. Below are the images so far captured for the long term project to give you an idea of what can be achieved by photographing the same landscape many times over.

Broomhill Park - Autumn


Cold Winter Morning

Foggy Day

Before Dawn


A short video slideshow of my 3 day project from my bedroom window. What is interesting is how the weather and atmospherics can impact the sharpness of the images. You will no doubt notice how some images appear sharper than others. We had a lot of heavy rain and haze which impacts visibility to the naked eye as well as the lens mounted on my camera. The castle and Cathedral are about 1/2 a mile away from my house so a zoom lens was used at approximately 300 mm.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you keep yourself Safe until life gets back to a new form of normal.

To find out more about my photography classes, workshops and events visit my website:-

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