The Landscape Project which did not go quite to plan

It's that time of year where those of us who love our beds prefer

to do our Sunrise photography.  Mainly because getting up early enough is actually a more manageable time than in the summer.  Summer time is Sunset time for me.

I am very fortunate to live near Broom Hill Park in Strood which has amazing views over the River Medway towards Rochester, Chatham and beyond.  What is even more amazing is the sight of the sun rising on the horizon.  Something I try my best to witness and capture on camera at least once a year.

So with Sunrise in late December being at 08:00 and a clear sky forecast recently, I set my alarm clock for 06:30 to catch the blue hour and the first light of day.  As with all the best planning in the world with landscape photography you are always at the whim of Mother Nature. It soon became very clear to me that instead of bright clear skies and a stunning sun rise what I actually had to deal with was thick fog and no sight of any sun.  Thank you BBC Weather app.  I was very tempted to return back to bed but decided to carry on regardlessly in true British fashion.

I am so glad I did, the sun may have been lacking but I managed to capture these stunning images of the park, at dawn before most of the dog walkers have got up, just me, Mother Nature and the mist. Very relaxing and well worth setting the alarm clock for.

Still keeping an eye on that forecast, fingers crossed the sun decides to put in an appearance one day soon.

If your interested in learning more about Landscape Photography why not book a 1 to 1 session with me.  

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